Living in Mexico is a dream come true!

Real Estates Ayulita-05A lot of nice beaches, Latina girls, big houses which are not that expensive… When you put all this together, you will realize why there are so many people who are moving to Mexico. Many of them are buying holiday houses so they have a place to live during the summer and that is another form of the real estate business that you will love so much. It doesn’t matter how much money you are willing to spend, you will always find something that you will love in this part of the world.

The best way to see if you are making a good decision is to talk to the people who have already bought houses in Mexico, but since that is not so likely to happen, we have decided to share some of their emails and letters in which they write about their reasons for moving to this part of the world. As you will notice, there are several different reasons, but the bottom line is the same – they all love it and they would never go back to their old houses and all the cities and states that they used to live.

“It wasn’t that easy for me to make this decision but now I realize that it was the best decision that I have made for a long time. Me and my husband are more than happy to be living in Mexico and one thing is for sure, we have also managed to save some money as well. That is not something that we could have done in any other country.” – Melissa from Chicago.

This is what Melissa has sent us in her email but she is definitely not the only one who feels this way. There are thousands of people who are moving to Mexico and while you are reading this, chances are that someone is thinking about doing the same thing and checking the real estate listings in order to find the best deal. Mark from Houston is also one of them. Here is what he has to say about his decision…

Real Estates Ayulita-04“When one of my friends moved to Mexico, I thought that he is loco! After I paid him a visit a couple of months ago, I didn’t think that anymore, but I started thinking that I am crazy for not following his steps. That was the best decision ever! I am proud because of the fact that I live in Mexico and that I am surrounded with all these beautiful people. In the beginning, I thought that it is going to cost me a fortune to move here, but I was so terribly wrong.”

As you can see, there are many people who have decided to buy houses and move. The real estate business in this part of the world is slowly becoming very profitable and if you are in this business, it is definitely one of the things that you need to start thinking about.

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What do I need to know about wonderful Sayulita?

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Sayulita is one of the places on this planet that you will love and one of the reasons is that it has so much to offer. Once you go there, you will never come back. That is what many people are saying and that is not far from the [...] Continue Reading…